Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Launch of My New Hobby

Please help me to become a Tai tai.... Happy Shopping!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Different Kind of Splurge

My parents came last week. Dad got meetings while my mum... well, my mum tumpang ikut for a memborong spree (weeeeeeeee.... i like!)

During dinner I was telling my mom how the baby loves to kick me during meal time. And my mom said “bawa la ia bercerita” (translation: talk to the baby la).

“Err… I sing to him all the time, does it count?”

And my dad, knowing my predictable reply said “read him stories, mengaji banyak2”

Ok la, pardon my ignorance... bikin shy only. We don’t really need the internet to know dat we should start interacting with the unborn baby now, even my ol’ skool mum knows about it. So, berdasarkan keinsafan yang masih fresh, last week I ignored the urge of shopping for other baby stuff and splurge on these instead:

I love tis book! Reminded me of my own book zaman dolu2

And tis:

Tis book is funny coz it was written and published by an arab dude but the cartoon semua muka melayu

I think I spend 1 hour sitting at the lantai of MPH (coz my feet is killing me!) and finally choose 4 books. Dan saya pon dengan bersemangatnya membaca buku2 ini aloud tiap2 malam sampai suami saya pon sudah boleh hafal the stories.

We hope for the best for our children.

No harm hoping, no harm trying...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Period When Weight Gain Is A Good Sign

Apart from being forgetful and nyanyuk… I lost the interest in writing.

Beside that, I got nothing interesting to share wit u, bunnies. I mean who would want to read about me having wardrobe malfunction every morning or how I farted a lot nowadays or my fascination with the variety of cloth diapers and breast pump or the type of bengkung dat I should choose while dalam pantang nanti.

To date, I’m reaching to 56kg already… 9 more kilos to go before I exceed the normal weight gain recommended (15kg). Nevertheless I feel like a bloated whale already. Just as I was about to enroll to one of those prenatal yoga class… then Majlis Fatwa decided to consider whether to banned Yoga or not. Ok laa.. I’m too malas to read the whole thing and with my limited agama knowledge, I better don’t pandai2 argue and just scrap the idea laa. Pilates it is.

Anyway, (I hope my mum is not reading tis) we already bought a stroller! Ok, wasn’t my idea to buy the stroller too soon but believe it or not my chabie has been eyeing on the 3-wheeler even before we got pregnant. Wen Farrah told me dat Kerul had the same fetish, I made tis conclusion: anything wit wheels is a guy thing. I’m telling ya, the 1st few days he keeps on jalan2 from room to room in our apartment wit the stroller and a silly face… gila sudah laki aku nie!

Me to hubby: “Huh... tambah sikit lagi duit boleh beli kapchai sudah nie. Bukan ada enjin pun!”

Well, at least we can strike off stroller from the newborn checklist and concentrate on other stuff. Now researching on cot and ‘milking’ device. I’ve taken off my piercing already coz I don’t want it to pop out suddenly and also coz my MIL like to touch my tummy (before kedapatan better do pre-emptive measure). And I vow not to wear those typical maternity dress coz it make me look like this:

Dulu saya macam guppy, skrg saya adalah Nemo's classmate Pearl

Maybe I'll have something more interesting to share nanti. But for now, just bear with my mom-to-be story k?