Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year 2008

This summed up wat I think about 2008

Its “My Life in Fast-Forward-Button- and-on-roller-coaster-mode”

I always have a thought dat if it wasn’t because you have a very supportive and loving family, your life is pretty much meaningless and messed up…

It’s hard to break from dat…

From someone who constantly feel like “I have nothing”, I finally have something…

2008 give me a husband, a soon-to-be-born baby and a dream house

Alhamdullilah, dats all I can say...
I've been blessed

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Curious Mom-to-be and Busy Dad-To-Be

Last Saturday we went to KLCC coz Chabs wants to buy some extra cable for his HT… which I also sneakily took d opportunity to scout for baby’s stuff. Found nothing much there, not even the cable (but I was so tempted to cabut the gingerbread man from the huge Xmas tree… cute n yummy!). So we tried Low Yatt, found the cable but obviously mana ada baby stuff there… tetapi tidak begitu keciwa kerana Chabs bought me dat spongy headphone for my tummy. Yeayyyyy…..

Mummy Adam Mikhail told me di Subang Parade ada baby sale, akibatnya saya terpaksa cancel hajat ke OU dan Ikea, then detour ke Subang Parade. Gosh… I remember Subang Parade was the 1st shopping complex I went with Kar and Noi after our orientation in PPP eleven years ago, siap naik komuter lagi tu... still remember how Noi ajar how to buy and cucuk the ticket hahahaha…

At last, after extensive research and cuci mata on the net, I finally bought Tommee Tippee Bpa-Free Closer to Nature and Lindam feeding bottle (just coz of its weird shape) and Smart Nappy from Mothercare. Almost buy Madela Swing akan tetapi I saw LilWhiz got gud discount on tis product, so dat can wait…

Pls don't tell my mum...

Sampai saja rumah, while d DTB busy fixing his HT… tis curious and inexperience MTB telah melakukan post mortem terhadap semua barang2 berkenaan, lengkap with disposable gloves, cello tape, gunting dan tissue!

Verdict: I love love love it.... Saya amat berpuashati dengan belian-belian berkenaan. Boleh la diconsider untuk kegunaan baby saya nanti. Next, wanna experiment dat MAM's bottle, as being recommended Farrah n Kar.

Adakah ianya sudah dikira sebagai shopping for the baby? I like to think not, just a preview, experimental buy. I’m reserving my shopping til nearing xmas, kiasu MTB can demands extra feebies!!!


I’ve noticed that lately my Chabs is so stressed out with extra workload, not to mentioned long and ridiculous working hours. I feel so kesian. Maybe I should find ways to help him relieve his pressure… Something therapeutic… something other than golf. After cracking my head off then I remember, he likes to draw…


It’s gotta be painting. And he loves his buncit-wife’s idea..

Gosh, I’m telling you… finding kedai selling those painting stuff isn’t easy. We went to Subang Parade to KLCC to Pertama and CM. Lastly, almost giving up I just asked this abang pelukis jalanan where to get those oil paint etc and he just smiled at me and said “belakang nie je dik”. My husband, from bermuka tidak bersemangat terus beaming with excitement. Like membawa budak2 masuk ToyRUs…. Hahaha, glad u r happy Chabs!

Didn’t know oil painting can be tricky, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. Hopefully he won’t make too much mess at home unless dia ingin melihat his wifey bertukar menjadi dragonball, nowadays bending down to pick up stuff pun sungguh menyiksakan... d tummy feels like a compressed balloon.

"Just remember to paint me a picture of a ladybug and safari animal… I wanna put on the nursery."

While he’s busy painting, I made these lil' babies:

Mini Blueberry Cheesecake.

The rasa is not bad for my 1st attempt. Actually I don’t really know how to define good cheesecake, I don’t even like to eat them... despite my family craziness over memborong cheesecake di The Loft. So I just brought them to the office dan wakafkan di pantry. Kalau ada yang puji sedap, then saya mengaku la I did d cake… kalau ada orang komplen, lick my wound and diam2 ja la.

So far, no case of cirit-birit reported here...