Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Slap in the Face

When life is so b*tchy and you find yourself just couldn't stop complaining and ranting....

Try to stop thinking about yourself and help other people n u'll stop whining.

Wen my chabie told me he wanted to do somethg nice for the anak-anak yatim from this unsponsored orphanage, I knew why n how important this is for him. So last Sunday we wen to blanja these adik-adik at BK Alamanda, joined by other sponsors as well.

We are not VIP. We don't have reporter coming to take our pic with the huge mock cheque. We don't have rakyat to impress or voters to pancing. A group of stranger just got together and organized this nice little event for Rumah Limpahan Kasih in Alamanda n help them buy stuffs to celebrate raya.

They are kids, let them enjoy n cherish raya... Like we did. You remember how happy we were during dat time, don't you?

Those who wish to support this orphanage may call this number:

03- 80618050
Dont' you think dat these adik-adik deserve assistance not only during Ramadhan and Raya?