Friday, October 24, 2008

The Flight MH20

At 2325pm tomorrow, I’m suppose to fly on MH20 for 13 hours to accept this invitation.

And I already got the Management's approval

And I already prepared the all the necessary materials for my presentation.

But I've decided not to go...

We all make our own choices. I will not lie and say I'm not a lil' bit dissappointed. But then again, missing an opportunity (intentionally or not) will make u work harder.

All these can wait...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Revelation...

Ini adalah balasan kerana meletakan my undelicious picture di dalam blognya sedang melakukan exotic dance...
Picture taken right after he was thrown to the kubang at the end of our Battle Inocculation i.e. something like war simulation where u have to do a lizard crawl (not baby crawl hehehehe....) for abt 200 meters carrying M16 atas tanah yang becak dan penuh pokok semalu and can actually hear bullets passing your head... Latihan ini amat berkesan dalam mengexfoliate lutut dan siku menghilangkan sel-sel hati sampai bleeding tetapi very challenging for those wit big boobs. I don't remember how i actually manage to sampai to the end, probably either Ayoi or Amir Hamzah who dragged me and Gayathri yang sememangnya 'anak bulan' dalam pasukan ini.
Tetapi motif untuk meletakan gambar itu nonetheless masih untuk membalas dendam hehehehe...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Crappy (or crabby) Story

Monday morning.

Still feeling crappy after saying goodbye to my family last nite (I forgot to wear a waterproof mascara and ended up looking like panda yang cacat, much to the amusement of a Menteri who couldn’t stop starring at me with kesian smile). Found nothing on astro dat is worth watching, so I feel like cooking something just to ease my mind. Went to the market and bought groceries and a pair of live crab! Tis is to balas dendam since I didn’t get to eat fresh crab during my stay in KK coz all the pilaks pun sibuk mau beraya juga.

Then hubs called and said his golf gonna be draggy sebab ujan and won’t be able to make it for lunch. So I decided to cook 1 crab only for myself and cook another 1 for him later.

A steam crab with ginger n sesame oil, in superior soy sauce. Mmmmmmmm…. so yummy

When he returned I asked him if he wants to eat a fat, fresh crab and excitedly drag him to the kitchen to show my new live ‘pet’.


Demmit demmit demmit…

Ok la my fault also. Should have closed the container. I would have run for my life also kalau tau akan masuk dalam cooking pot any time soon.

We both just laugh and I asked “how la, kena cari ka?”

He was to tired to play hide and seek with the crab and said “nanti dia kluar la bila dia lapar”

Which takes about 2 days, finally found right smack under our sofa… dead

There goes my RM9.00!