Monday, June 30, 2008

The Fact Received With Jaw Drop

I just discovered something really perplexing and somewat disturbing....

The issue: I am not eligible to buy land or a house which bearing the title ‘tanah rizab melayu’ coz apparently I’m not a Malay.

(I mean WTF la kan?!!!)

The reason: In my surat beranak it is stated that I’m a Melayu-Brunei, hence being categorized as bumiputera Sabah and not Melayu per se.

My source: An ex colleague who happen to be an ex assistant district officer handling land matters. So I assumed it’s valid and realiable.

My question: “If tats the case… the only Melayu who can actually buy property di tanah rizab melayu are those orang asli atau Melayu Proto coz other Malays are actually Melayu-Jawa or Melayu-Bugis or Melayu – mamak or Melayu- Patanni etc etc etc?”

then WTF is the difference?

Eventho I have no plans to buy a property under dat title, nevertheless I couldn’t help it but to feel discriminated…

Last week, someone was saying to my face “Apa la you all Sabahan nie demand lebih-lebih, mengada-ngada… If you are so not happy, why don’t you all keluar dari Malaysia je?”

Am I obliged to answer that pointless remark?


I pity dat pakcik’s ignorance… tsk tsk tsk

I have just open another wedding present from my dahling brother Stien V.L... Love the wrapping eventho he need not to coz I know wats innit (i bug him to buy me cake mixer but forgot to specify the brand). Wedding prezzies still coming in... alhamdulillah, bless you all.
(Tell me, anyone know where I can gadai a crytal vase which worth a return ticket to EU? I am not 'cultured' enuff to appreciate these things).

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Time When Less is Not More

Hari ini saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda semua satu petua memasak yang paling penting dan harus diketahui oleh semua para pemasak-pemasak sekalian.

Sudah bersedia dengan pen dan kertas (atau button copy and paste)?

Petuanya ialah.....

Sila berpakaian lengkap semasa memasak jikalau tidak mahu menjadi cacat seperti ini...


Lokasi kejadian adalah dirahsiakan. Don't ask wat was I wearing (or not wearing :p) at dat time.... suffice to say now certain wardrobe adalah dilarang penggunaan til d burn mark heals... Chabie said it's ok, dapat pahala tu masak breakfast for husband eventho tiada kata-kata yang boleh menyedapkan hati wen u are holding back tears sambil menyapu Burnol di lokasi kejadian. Dan inilah penyebabnya...

Nasi lemak sambal ikan bilis. And please ignore the idiotic finger...

I'm gonna be very extremely busy after tis melakar sejarah baru bagi Malaysia dat even Parameswara will be so envious...

Expect hiatus...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Part Where I Refuse to Be Blamed

Seriously people, I have NOTHING to do with it.

I got the news late afternoon, and from my sources it was goin to be higher (float=harga sebenar) than wat Pak Lah had announced later. Thank god for that…

I stumbled upon Dato' at the car park rushing to the press conference for the big announcement and wen I asked if its goin to be 'The Day', he just smiled and I give him a thumbs up and said "well, gud luck Dato"...

The 'thumbs up' is not on congratulatory-mode at all, nor for sarcasm too…

Just an honest good luck.

My heart goes to the low income group and kampong folks. Wat ever economic corridor you introduce ka or explaining world oil crisis blab la bla is irrelevant to them, wats important is whether they have enough money to buy food or enough money to buy petrol to go work or enough money to buy buku teks anak…

Well peeps, tho not much but maybe this might help:

  • Car pool to office, balik kampung and shopping trip

  • Start cooking at home and eat out less (jimat the minyak on traveling)

  • Anticipate the price of food, household items etc etc will increase… so start saving

  • Start education fund for your kids or if you have plan to have kids. It is estimated that a child’s education from tadika to University in the future can reach 400k!

  • Buy small car (hehehe…) or get a bike

  • Change to NGV, the cost to change your tank will be around 2-3k… but it’s a gud investment memandangkan the price of petrol will not (ever?) go down

  • Don’t speed, dat will drain ur tank faster and it kills

  • Buy property now! We are liberalizing market i.e harga bahan binaan will be volatile

  • Buy environmental-friendly product, reduce pollution and recycle

Maybe I should start a blog dedicated to consumerism, wat say u?

I’m so depress… I need a new shoe

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Day I Don't Mind Lining Up in Stilettos

Eloo Tangachi... bila mau mari Malaysia? Sudah lama tunggu la deyyy...