Friday, August 29, 2008

The Month When I Really Wish Dat I Have A Private Jet

I can't wait for Ramadhan tis time around... there's just something about it.

It also means dat I'm gonna be homesick 10billion kali ganda... bummer!

Last Wed me and few staffs initiated Majlis Tahlil and baca Yassin at office to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan, and everyone really love and appreciate it... feels good.

Yes... I'm dat excited, in fact sometimes I forgot abt my mabuk2 and pening2 lalat unless d baby demands my attention and berkomplot wit my stomach... then hello to mr. toilet bowl again!

I'm anxiously waiting for the important 120th day which is sometime around Raya.

"Can u be a gud baby and allow mama to puasa penuh tis year?"


Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak to you all, bunnies!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 'Spur of Moment' Craving

Nothing related to my pregnancy but i'm having this sudden craving for Milo.

No... not the usual Milo. It's the Milo yang diperbuat oleh Milo Van, u know... those yang slalu datang time hari sukan, merentas desa, jogathon etc etc etc...

Remember how it taste like? Sangat outta-tis-world sedappppppppppp.....

And no matter how u tried and tried and tried to copy the taste, it's just not the same. Perfect 10... the sweetness+bitterness+creamyness.... sedapppppppp. And I guess the Milo Man already sworn secrecy with Nestle and won't share the secret of the mix, which makes u so tempted to hijack the green van. Ada sekolah membuat Milo ka dat I don't know?

Once I drank 7 cups straight up and besok trus demam kura-kura (icy Milo+ marching on hot weather= not a gud combination).

The secret recipe is probably the 8th wonders of the world! Even Starbuck or CBTL or Dome pun kalah mati...


Wats ur craving today bunnies?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Place Where My Heart Truly Is

(Beware: Tis entry is written by an emotionally unstable woman wit surging HCG)

I told my husband few weeks ago dat I missed my family.

Tho they will always come to KL, but I missed them anyway. So last week he surprised me wit 2 return tickets. The best surprise ever. Tho it’s only for 3 days (sorry frens, nda sempat hang out!), but I’ll take it… I’LL TAKE IT!

Hopped on AirAsia we go. A day before dat I’ve send Hayyat a long wishlist of wat I’ve been craving for dengan alasan “it’s d baby”…

All my wishes granted and fulfilled.

We took the chance and went to my 1st pre-natal check up at SMC (we both agree to have the baby in KK, insya allah) and met Dr. K. He was my sis’s crazy and wonderfully witty O&G. I’m so relieved dat Hayyat and Princess Precious also tagged along since both of us were actually nervous and clueless.

Princess Precious aka Poopstar showing her 'I love nenen' tummy

During ultrasound, Dr.K was very amused with my belly button and turned to eddy “Do u have one also… somewhere private?” and laughed. Years of practising, I was his 1st patient with belly button! (And I gotta keep them unless I have to go to C-Section... hehe). The baby had it’s 1st picture taken for the rest of the family to see (note: vainess harus dipupuk dari dalam perut lagi).

Dat morning we actually went to Jabatan Agama Islam to get our sijil nikah and … it’s not ready yet, despite us being married for four months already. How predictable!

Monday nite, we went for a nice family dinner. I noticed Princess Precious can actually eat properly on her own eventho she’s just turned 2 years old. Suddenly I feel sad, where have I been all these while?

My sis told me she needs to go to the hospital to run some test coz she can’t see properly wit her right eye and probably have to stay in. She said it was nothing serious and the thing about morning sickness is u lost the ability to actually ‘feel’ wats goin on around u.

Dad sent her off the next morning, the day I’m supposed to go back. Later at home, dad said she’s ok, nothing to worry… we’ll drop by before u go off. And we continued to pack our things, despite having a queasy feeling inside.

When we arrived at the ward, I wasn’t prepared wat I was about to see. The thing is, it has been quite a while since I went to general hospital. Mind you, this is the 3rd class ward, kindda macam overcrowded asrama where beds were placed anywhere possible, even occupying the walking alley… making it almost impossible to move around. Now I can understand Anna’s frustration wit the System.

Brace myself. We continued to look for my sis’ bed and wen we arrived my heart collapsed.

She was curling like a baby and the doctor is extracting liquid from her spine.

I turned away and waterworks began flowing.

Then I said to eddy “I can’t go back, I need to be here”

When the doctor is done, I asked her was it painful and she chuckled and said “No laa… but he terpoke my nerves, dat part was painful… mcm kena karan. Mau pi airport sudah kan?”

And I couldn’t contained my emotion anymore. I hugged her and cried. Demmm... cannot even say a word. In between my tears I managed to ask “sapa mau jaga u here?” And my mom quickly reply “mama ada”. After my sis assured me dat she’s goin to be fine and will be out soon, we left for the airport. Still, I was really torned. I wanted to stay so bad, but knowing my condition making it harder to travel back alone.

My family is everything for me. They will always be there for me... at any points in my life. Thru thick and thin. Same goes wit my aunties, uncles and cousins too… we always have each other. Wen I got dengue fever in 2003, they got so worried and shipped me back to KK and take turns jaga me and kawan me sleep in the hospital since my parents were away performing Haj.

This is the horrible part being away from family. I missed their birthdays, I missed watching my nieces grow up, I missed cousins/ frens wedding, I missed giving last respect to my grandfather and uncles… I missed a lot of things.

And I don’t know for what exactly.

11 years away...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Not So Fun Fair

(Reposted from last week, dunno wat happened to d old one)

I should be resting…

After losing energy from the constant barfing, I should be sitting comfortably at home dengan aman damai dan bermanja-manja wit my fetus.

But I’ve been sleeping-deprived for the past 2 nites…

For two nites in a row, a couple blocks from my house there’s tis stupid concert ala-ala funfair yang ditaja oleh Carlb*rg. I don’t know if it’s actually a concert or pertandingan karaoke. But each singing session akan disusuli dengan selingan lagu Feng Tau yang sangat ecstasy/syabu-inducing. And the music also progress wit time… started wit some kind of opera cina song, then those familiar 70’s or 80’s Chinese songs (try picturing Alan Tham wit his metallic jumper and Anita Mui wit big shoulder pad) then lagu-lagu modern. And I assumed there were dance show as well coz tiba-tiba akan ada lagu Shakira ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ diikuti dengan sorakan gumbira para penonton.

Yes, it is DAT loud… and yes, I can already hafal the sequence of the song coz they played the same bloody playlist every nite!!!

You may ask why in the world I didn’t complaint to the authority already?

Why bother, the stage show is next to the freakin’ Balai Polis!

Picture tis:

“Helo balai polis, saya mau komplen pasal ada konsert haram dekat rumah saya”
“Halooooooooooooooooooo…. Apaaaaaaaaa? Boleh cakap kuat sikit aaa? Tak boleh dengar laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Tidakkah anda akan menjadi lebih sakit hati?

I’m telling you, I’m goin bonkers. Don’t know how many “shi shi nie men (thank you all!)” I can put up with…

Just as I about to shut my eyes… tiba-tiba ada lagi suara a chinese lady singing “aku tak biasaa… bila tiada kau di sisiku… aku tak biasa… aku tak biasaaaaaaaaaa”



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Affair I'm Having

My mom didn’t have it.

Neither Hayyat my sis.

Never heard about it from any of my hot-mamas frens also.

So I don’t have anyone to seek advice for remedy for VERY BAD CASE OF MORNING SICKNESS.

How bad?

Try puking 24/7. Until there’s nothing coming out anymore, but your whole internal organ still went into spasm and your trachea continue to gag… and u couldn't resist it but to start having affair wit Mr.Toilet Bowl.

So yesterday I decided to cheat and use the anti-morning sickness pill (maxolon) prescribed by the O&G. Apart of making me high, it’d worked perfectly and I can finally enjoy a proper meal.

Today, I decided to a brave mom-to-be and go without it…

Ahhaa… revenge time! I’ve been vomiting every hour since 7am. I kid u not. To the extend dat my PA had to go to Alamanda and buy me lil’ plastic so I don’t have to walk back and fort to the ladies…

Now I can just puke under the table… rest… and continue wit my work (hardly). Eventho mother nature may not want to kawan me anymore coz it's a non-biodegrable type, but plastic bag is my only solution rite now.

I’ve become a very efficient barfing machine.

I'll spare u from the gruesome details...

I tried to be strong but occasionally I do breakdown and cry... not really recommended coz u are already dehydrated as it is wit all those puking fiasco. I think it’s a psychology thang… u know, being anak manja, away from home… No one to fuss around.

I know tis kakak who constantly needs hospitalization and continue having Hyperemesis Gravidarium (the worst type of morning sickness) for the whole 9 months.

"and everyone keep telling me tis is only for 1st trimester?! Sheesh…"

Oh, the dad is excited, even got the names ready… like seriously. But I pity him, i know dat he's trying his best to help out and cheer me up... he even pujuk me and offer to buy the 'it' bag (dat is how excited he is). And I can't believe dat I'm saying tis but the idea of goin to shopping mall is soooooooo revolting. At tis point of time la... so hold dat offer, bie! Nda buleh tarik balik tu, nanti buruk siku...

As crazy as it may sound, I’m still hoping for a twin or triplet so dat I will not have to go thru tis again… ever.

Tho I feel like crying and running back to mama rite now, must try to embrace my pregnancy with pride and joy.

Yeah, tis is a very very unexpected suprise... a pleasant one. For God sake, I have not even posted my wedding pictures yet! And I still have my inai on.

Paris in October? tsk tsk tsk...