Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Invasion

Hello aunties and uncles!

Mama allow me to menyibuk her blog today... allow me to introduce myself 1st.


Name: Ryyan Esqandarsyah B. Eddy Mazuaansyah

D.O.B: 03.03.2009

Birth weight: 2.67kg

Now: Almost 6kg


  • Bila mama kasi mandiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. Weeeeee, gebush gebush
  • Berbogel, I’m a nudist and exhibitionist
  • Bila mama kasi massage…. Like goin to spa, man!
  • Eating owns hand, the real finger food hehehehe….
  • Biting mama’s nose, as a revenge coz mama slalu gigit my pipi
  • Playing wit my air liur, hey who needs dat bubble machine?!
  • Mumbling (I got tis from my mama… CONFIRM)
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Screaming... selaku anak drama queen, saya juga attention seeker
  • Watching anything and everything on Channel 613
  • Playing on my baby gym... gotta pump those muscles
  • Jalan-jalan in my super comfy green stroller
  • Fart… yeah baby!

I hate:

  • Wen mama take me out from the bathtub.... huwaaaaaaaaa
  • Quiet-ness…
  • Lambat nenen
  • Wet diaper
  • Digomol-gomol

Here's some of my pic:

my 1st pic

Papa azan and ngian (brunei for grandpa) holding me while mama still high of GA

Me 10-days old

Me sleeping like a log during aqiqah, wit mama

Me at two months wit my step brother hahahahaha.....

Dats me wit my signature popeye face

Today, I'm 100-days old!

I think I'm gonna stick around and kacau mama's blog selalu, never too young to be a blogger!