Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Wedding and A Class

Lastnite we got a last minute invitation to attend ‘some celebrity’s 1001 Arabian Nights-theme wedding’. Don’t asked why we got invited, suffice to say the last minute invitation came when the organizer freak out coz so many table were empty. I don’t mind the free RM100++ per head dinner… and I got nothing against the pengantin either… but being part of something so lavishly membazir just not my thing of lately.

We went to the ante-natal class last Sunday for 1st time parents and I learned dat:
  • At 31 weeks, I got the smallest tummy as compared to other mummies wit the same due date. But probably the heaviest :P
  • At 31 weeks, I’m still flexible n can still stretch n reach my toes without so much problem.
  • Mothballs iaitu ubat gegat can caused jaundice in babies
  • No need to buy those overly-priced cream for stretch marks, olive oil is much better (but messy laa…)
  • You can learn a lot about labour from YouTube, especially unassisted ones
  • I saw how baby actually came out during normal birth n C-sect, how the uri got extracted and how perineum cut was done... OUCHHHH!!!!

No more turkey for thanksgiving

And I have decided:

  • I will not allow my husband to even take a peek down there wen the time comes.
  • I’m taking epidural. Period.

A guy asking the doctor wat to do if the father 'takut darah'... hahaha

But most importantly, my husband finally understand 100% why I decided to breastfeed the baby until God’s willing... or at least try

Thanks to her

But the most controversial issue is the pantang part. None of the doctors (both Chinese and Malay) advocate berpantang makan during confinement. According to them, there’s no such things as cold/ hot food. And kesian the baby coz during confinement some of them will not get enough nutrient since the mother sibuk mau berpantang. Coz wat u eat = wat ur baby eat thru breast milk. Imagine eating ikan masin wit nasi everyday! Totally different from my reading “Ensiklopedia Perbidanan Melayu” (hehehe... thanks Ctot).

Then how, I also very confused...