Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year 2008

This summed up wat I think about 2008

Its “My Life in Fast-Forward-Button- and-on-roller-coaster-mode”

I always have a thought dat if it wasn’t because you have a very supportive and loving family, your life is pretty much meaningless and messed up…

It’s hard to break from dat…

From someone who constantly feel like “I have nothing”, I finally have something…

2008 give me a husband, a soon-to-be-born baby and a dream house

Alhamdullilah, dats all I can say...
I've been blessed

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Curious Mom-to-be and Busy Dad-To-Be

Last Saturday we went to KLCC coz Chabs wants to buy some extra cable for his HT… which I also sneakily took d opportunity to scout for baby’s stuff. Found nothing much there, not even the cable (but I was so tempted to cabut the gingerbread man from the huge Xmas tree… cute n yummy!). So we tried Low Yatt, found the cable but obviously mana ada baby stuff there… tetapi tidak begitu keciwa kerana Chabs bought me dat spongy headphone for my tummy. Yeayyyyy…..

Mummy Adam Mikhail told me di Subang Parade ada baby sale, akibatnya saya terpaksa cancel hajat ke OU dan Ikea, then detour ke Subang Parade. Gosh… I remember Subang Parade was the 1st shopping complex I went with Kar and Noi after our orientation in PPP eleven years ago, siap naik komuter lagi tu... still remember how Noi ajar how to buy and cucuk the ticket hahahaha…

At last, after extensive research and cuci mata on the net, I finally bought Tommee Tippee Bpa-Free Closer to Nature and Lindam feeding bottle (just coz of its weird shape) and Smart Nappy from Mothercare. Almost buy Madela Swing akan tetapi I saw LilWhiz got gud discount on tis product, so dat can wait…

Pls don't tell my mum...

Sampai saja rumah, while d DTB busy fixing his HT… tis curious and inexperience MTB telah melakukan post mortem terhadap semua barang2 berkenaan, lengkap with disposable gloves, cello tape, gunting dan tissue!

Verdict: I love love love it.... Saya amat berpuashati dengan belian-belian berkenaan. Boleh la diconsider untuk kegunaan baby saya nanti. Next, wanna experiment dat MAM's bottle, as being recommended Farrah n Kar.

Adakah ianya sudah dikira sebagai shopping for the baby? I like to think not, just a preview, experimental buy. I’m reserving my shopping til nearing xmas, kiasu MTB can demands extra feebies!!!


I’ve noticed that lately my Chabs is so stressed out with extra workload, not to mentioned long and ridiculous working hours. I feel so kesian. Maybe I should find ways to help him relieve his pressure… Something therapeutic… something other than golf. After cracking my head off then I remember, he likes to draw…


It’s gotta be painting. And he loves his buncit-wife’s idea..

Gosh, I’m telling you… finding kedai selling those painting stuff isn’t easy. We went to Subang Parade to KLCC to Pertama and CM. Lastly, almost giving up I just asked this abang pelukis jalanan where to get those oil paint etc and he just smiled at me and said “belakang nie je dik”. My husband, from bermuka tidak bersemangat terus beaming with excitement. Like membawa budak2 masuk ToyRUs…. Hahaha, glad u r happy Chabs!

Didn’t know oil painting can be tricky, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. Hopefully he won’t make too much mess at home unless dia ingin melihat his wifey bertukar menjadi dragonball, nowadays bending down to pick up stuff pun sungguh menyiksakan... d tummy feels like a compressed balloon.

"Just remember to paint me a picture of a ladybug and safari animal… I wanna put on the nursery."

While he’s busy painting, I made these lil' babies:

Mini Blueberry Cheesecake.

The rasa is not bad for my 1st attempt. Actually I don’t really know how to define good cheesecake, I don’t even like to eat them... despite my family craziness over memborong cheesecake di The Loft. So I just brought them to the office dan wakafkan di pantry. Kalau ada yang puji sedap, then saya mengaku la I did d cake… kalau ada orang komplen, lick my wound and diam2 ja la.

So far, no case of cirit-birit reported here...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Launch of My New Hobby

Please help me to become a Tai tai.... Happy Shopping!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Different Kind of Splurge

My parents came last week. Dad got meetings while my mum... well, my mum tumpang ikut for a memborong spree (weeeeeeeee.... i like!)

During dinner I was telling my mom how the baby loves to kick me during meal time. And my mom said “bawa la ia bercerita” (translation: talk to the baby la).

“Err… I sing to him all the time, does it count?”

And my dad, knowing my predictable reply said “read him stories, mengaji banyak2”

Ok la, pardon my ignorance... bikin shy only. We don’t really need the internet to know dat we should start interacting with the unborn baby now, even my ol’ skool mum knows about it. So, berdasarkan keinsafan yang masih fresh, last week I ignored the urge of shopping for other baby stuff and splurge on these instead:

I love tis book! Reminded me of my own book zaman dolu2

And tis:

Tis book is funny coz it was written and published by an arab dude but the cartoon semua muka melayu

I think I spend 1 hour sitting at the lantai of MPH (coz my feet is killing me!) and finally choose 4 books. Dan saya pon dengan bersemangatnya membaca buku2 ini aloud tiap2 malam sampai suami saya pon sudah boleh hafal the stories.

We hope for the best for our children.

No harm hoping, no harm trying...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Period When Weight Gain Is A Good Sign

Apart from being forgetful and nyanyuk… I lost the interest in writing.

Beside that, I got nothing interesting to share wit u, bunnies. I mean who would want to read about me having wardrobe malfunction every morning or how I farted a lot nowadays or my fascination with the variety of cloth diapers and breast pump or the type of bengkung dat I should choose while dalam pantang nanti.

To date, I’m reaching to 56kg already… 9 more kilos to go before I exceed the normal weight gain recommended (15kg). Nevertheless I feel like a bloated whale already. Just as I was about to enroll to one of those prenatal yoga class… then Majlis Fatwa decided to consider whether to banned Yoga or not. Ok laa.. I’m too malas to read the whole thing and with my limited agama knowledge, I better don’t pandai2 argue and just scrap the idea laa. Pilates it is.

Anyway, (I hope my mum is not reading tis) we already bought a stroller! Ok, wasn’t my idea to buy the stroller too soon but believe it or not my chabie has been eyeing on the 3-wheeler even before we got pregnant. Wen Farrah told me dat Kerul had the same fetish, I made tis conclusion: anything wit wheels is a guy thing. I’m telling ya, the 1st few days he keeps on jalan2 from room to room in our apartment wit the stroller and a silly face… gila sudah laki aku nie!

Me to hubby: “Huh... tambah sikit lagi duit boleh beli kapchai sudah nie. Bukan ada enjin pun!”

Well, at least we can strike off stroller from the newborn checklist and concentrate on other stuff. Now researching on cot and ‘milking’ device. I’ve taken off my piercing already coz I don’t want it to pop out suddenly and also coz my MIL like to touch my tummy (before kedapatan better do pre-emptive measure). And I vow not to wear those typical maternity dress coz it make me look like this:

Dulu saya macam guppy, skrg saya adalah Nemo's classmate Pearl

Maybe I'll have something more interesting to share nanti. But for now, just bear with my mom-to-be story k?

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Flight MH20

At 2325pm tomorrow, I’m suppose to fly on MH20 for 13 hours to accept this invitation.

And I already got the Management's approval

And I already prepared the all the necessary materials for my presentation.

But I've decided not to go...

We all make our own choices. I will not lie and say I'm not a lil' bit dissappointed. But then again, missing an opportunity (intentionally or not) will make u work harder.

All these can wait...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Revelation...

Ini adalah balasan kerana meletakan my undelicious picture di dalam blognya sedang melakukan exotic dance...
Picture taken right after he was thrown to the kubang at the end of our Battle Inocculation i.e. something like war simulation where u have to do a lizard crawl (not baby crawl hehehehe....) for abt 200 meters carrying M16 atas tanah yang becak dan penuh pokok semalu and can actually hear bullets passing your head... Latihan ini amat berkesan dalam mengexfoliate lutut dan siku menghilangkan sel-sel hati sampai bleeding tetapi very challenging for those wit big boobs. I don't remember how i actually manage to sampai to the end, probably either Ayoi or Amir Hamzah who dragged me and Gayathri yang sememangnya 'anak bulan' dalam pasukan ini.
Tetapi motif untuk meletakan gambar itu nonetheless masih untuk membalas dendam hehehehe...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Crappy (or crabby) Story

Monday morning.

Still feeling crappy after saying goodbye to my family last nite (I forgot to wear a waterproof mascara and ended up looking like panda yang cacat, much to the amusement of a Menteri who couldn’t stop starring at me with kesian smile). Found nothing on astro dat is worth watching, so I feel like cooking something just to ease my mind. Went to the market and bought groceries and a pair of live crab! Tis is to balas dendam since I didn’t get to eat fresh crab during my stay in KK coz all the pilaks pun sibuk mau beraya juga.

Then hubs called and said his golf gonna be draggy sebab ujan and won’t be able to make it for lunch. So I decided to cook 1 crab only for myself and cook another 1 for him later.

A steam crab with ginger n sesame oil, in superior soy sauce. Mmmmmmmm…. so yummy

When he returned I asked him if he wants to eat a fat, fresh crab and excitedly drag him to the kitchen to show my new live ‘pet’.


Demmit demmit demmit…

Ok la my fault also. Should have closed the container. I would have run for my life also kalau tau akan masuk dalam cooking pot any time soon.

We both just laugh and I asked “how la, kena cari ka?”

He was to tired to play hide and seek with the crab and said “nanti dia kluar la bila dia lapar”

Which takes about 2 days, finally found right smack under our sofa… dead

There goes my RM9.00!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Entry I Don't Know How to Title It

I guess tis would be my last entry before Raya hols…

Apakah maknanya beraya jika tidak bershopping raya kan? Last year I was so caught up preparing for my engagement dat my Raya preparations were almost… none. Even my baju raya was the courtesy of my dearest mom who knew dat I couldn’t be bothered about it.

So tis year, put my mabuk-pening-lalat aside… I brave the shopping complexes and Jalan TAR for the sake of buying raya stuff for my family. This time I can bershopping raya like mad coz due to my current sedated lifestyle, for almost 3 months I barely touch my money in the bank. A hidden blessing. Hence, saya tidak perlu la menunggu gaji dan bonus ini bulan untuk bershopping ala ‘supermarket sweep’.

Instant gratification, said Kimora.

My bonus yang dibahagi dua itu akan dichannelkan kepada sesuatu yang saya idamkan dan hanya menunggu for me to click the ‘BUY’ button (farrah, I’m sure u will agree kan?).

Btw bunnies, I’m sure all of u heard about the susu from China (haha.. no suprises) yang somehow contaminated with melamine. Sangat la tidak faham how a substance which is usually used to make plates/ household product can bercampur with susu. Are they purposely mixing both to make the susu thick, God knows. Those people better use their cocktailing skills somewhere else. But don’t worry so much coz Malaysia imported most of the susu from NZ or Australia, kalau mau lagi selamat buy them from those Bhai yang jual susu dalam botol yang classic itu or start breastfeeding you babies! But do be careful when buying other dairy products/ confectionery such as chocolate, ice-cream etc (including my gula-gula susu cap rabbit). You can also check Ministry of Health website for further info.

hehehe... no more chick lit for me. Tis book rocks!

Also, let me share some information on toy safety. To mommies out there, please be careful with the toys you buy for your love ones. Once in a while do check out http://www.recalledtoyalert.com/ or www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/category/toy.html for info about toys being recall for safety/ health reason. I know this pun because it’s related to my work. In Malaysia, if there’s any recall from oversea, the manufacturer/ big retailer such as Mattel and Toy’R’Us will follow suit. But our main concern is those yang dijual di pasar malam, kedai runcit, etc. For a non-technical way of analyzing before any purchase, lead is usually found on those shiny2 paint, like on toy car, senapang etc etc.


I have tis thing to let out. I think I’m changing into a different person. Like from ulat beluncas to pupa kindda thing…

U see, almost everyone knows dat I have a generous tear buds…

I cried wen I feel tired, during movies, during weddings, listening to sad songs, every time I say goodbye to my family at the airport, wen frens in trouble, reading/ watching the news… And I never feel ashamed to ‘share’ my feelings publicly. My tears, sukati laa…

Boleh dicalonkan sebagai Ratu Air Mata, next to Wewen :P

But for the past three month, I have stopped expressing my sad emotion to another human being.

I don’t cry to anyone anymore, except God. Not even to my husband ok. Eventho I’m pretty sure that he knows dat at difficult moments, I do cry tapuk2 (sembunyi2). But we never talk about it. He let me deal with it my own way and I let him do it his way… probably explains his longer doa during praying time and pesanan to the baby to behave every morning before leaving to work.

I was trying to understand the cry-suck it in-smile syndrome and come up with these conclusions:

  • I feel such a failure to let anyone knows dat I cannot handle my own pregnancy. Nothing is easy in life, why should tis be different?

  • Crying in front of my husband/ family/ frens will worry them more. Which will worries me also. Which gives me wrinkle. Which I don’t need

  • Stronger mama = stronger baby

Maybe it’s not really recommended but I concur dat as long as I’m feeling ok and not disturbed in any way… we are going to be OK!

And God do listen.

Anyway, Dia Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Mengasihani kan?

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to you all bunnies!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Things I Do In Between Works

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Shah Jehan… my atok gave d name, bersempena my ehemm root which I never declare publicly (but isn’t Shah Jehan a guy? Hmmmmm….)
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Lastnite, yesterday… probably everyday…. It’s d hormone, I’m so emotional lately
3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Yes, but I hate my signature

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE LUNCH MEAT? I prefer veggie, or fish

5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Goin to (still feel weird saying dat…). But not really sure on the plural part…


7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Ewwww…. Sarcasm is so makcik2-pakai-lipstick-merah-menyala-N-oversize-glasses. So 80’s




11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? No, I just shake my foot n let the shoes fly

12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? When I have to…

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Same like Kar’s, Haagen Daz’s Cookies and Cream

Taken during my pre-wedding breakdown


15. RED OR PINK? Dark Red


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My family, hands down!


19. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Black from head to toe… creating the illusion of a taller me

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Oats N Honey granola bar

21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Digital Al Quran, calms me down


23. FAVORITE SMELLS? Minyak Kayu Putih (eucalyptus oil), bau new banknotes aka money, si buebue, last but not least my chabie



26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Fencing… it has been years, my pedang oxidized already, boleh diconvert into pencucuk 4 barbeque

27. HAIR COLOR? Dark brown

28. EYE COLOR? Dark brown

29. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Yes… 425/475

30. FAVORITE FOOD? Stir fried veggie, any kind except petai, which I don’t eat. Then again is dat fruit or keluarga sayur? I never seen petai before, till I come here. Same la if u ask any west m’sian if they know wat is buah tarap

31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Scary movies with happy endings.

32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Errr… on HBO counts ka?




36. FAVORITE DESSERT? Fresh fruits

37. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Don’t get tis


39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? I rather not tell…

40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Mouse (duhhhh)


42. FAVORITE SOUND? Raindrops on attap zink, brings back memories of my kampong and happy childhood…

43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? Beatles… luv d hair

44. WHAT IS THE FURTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? Can u pls not mention home di bulan puasa ni? Sob Sob..

45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? I can suck my upper lip with my nose and suffocates myself… wehooo

Ada sesiapa yang berminat? Saya ingin menurunkan ilmu talent ini

46. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? Where Dr. Anna is working now.

47. WHOSE ANSWERS ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING BACK? Sesiapa yang keboringan… But SVL adalah diwajibkan untuk menjawab. Nyehhhh... merasa la ko gux!

The Song Dat May Irritates Some of You


To Stien and the rest of u bunnies

Enjoy the song!

Eventho saya tidak mematuhi guideline yang telah diarahkan kepada radio station NOT to play raya song till 2 minggu sebelum raya...


Thursday, September 4, 2008

The 5th Day of Ramadhan

To all my besties yang sudah lama tidak bertemu, I miss u all also.

Just to update, let me tell u all dat in terms of my look have not change much (I did not grow beard or anything like dat, in case if u wondering about my disappearing act). I'm losing 3.5kg so far... which is according to Dr. AnnaBanana is normal and u can hardly notice the bump (but my normal outfit is already sempit nonetheless):

My body is a Wonderland

And if u tilt ur head a bit, u’ll notice dat i also resembles a guppy fish

Ok… di bulan puasa yang mulia ini, in case if u become sleepy let’s play tis game. I guarantee dat tis game will not requires the usage of IQ at all.


Take a piece of clean white paper

Then, take ur PC’s keyboard (or the entire notebook/ lappytop)

Turn the keyboard upside down di atas the white paper

And shake it a little or gentle tap

List down your observation

Game over…

My list:
□ Cookies crumb
□ Bulu mata (or issit bulu hidung)
□ Upper limb of a small and very much dead insect
□ Kulit kuaci
□ Stepler’s bullet (Bahasa Melayunya dawai kokot)
□ Eraser punya residues
□ Err… bit n pieces of keropok I guess (i hope)
□ Habuk

Sekian, terima kasih.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Month When I Really Wish Dat I Have A Private Jet

I can't wait for Ramadhan tis time around... there's just something about it.

It also means dat I'm gonna be homesick 10billion kali ganda... bummer!

Last Wed me and few staffs initiated Majlis Tahlil and baca Yassin at office to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan, and everyone really love and appreciate it... feels good.

Yes... I'm dat excited, in fact sometimes I forgot abt my mabuk2 and pening2 lalat unless d baby demands my attention and berkomplot wit my stomach... then hello to mr. toilet bowl again!

I'm anxiously waiting for the important 120th day which is sometime around Raya.

"Can u be a gud baby and allow mama to puasa penuh tis year?"


Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak to you all, bunnies!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The 'Spur of Moment' Craving

Nothing related to my pregnancy but i'm having this sudden craving for Milo.

No... not the usual Milo. It's the Milo yang diperbuat oleh Milo Van, u know... those yang slalu datang time hari sukan, merentas desa, jogathon etc etc etc...

Remember how it taste like? Sangat outta-tis-world sedappppppppppp.....

And no matter how u tried and tried and tried to copy the taste, it's just not the same. Perfect 10... the sweetness+bitterness+creamyness.... sedapppppppp. And I guess the Milo Man already sworn secrecy with Nestle and won't share the secret of the mix, which makes u so tempted to hijack the green van. Ada sekolah membuat Milo ka dat I don't know?

Once I drank 7 cups straight up and besok trus demam kura-kura (icy Milo+ marching on hot weather= not a gud combination).

The secret recipe is probably the 8th wonders of the world! Even Starbuck or CBTL or Dome pun kalah mati...


Wats ur craving today bunnies?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Place Where My Heart Truly Is

(Beware: Tis entry is written by an emotionally unstable woman wit surging HCG)

I told my husband few weeks ago dat I missed my family.

Tho they will always come to KL, but I missed them anyway. So last week he surprised me wit 2 return tickets. The best surprise ever. Tho it’s only for 3 days (sorry frens, nda sempat hang out!), but I’ll take it… I’LL TAKE IT!

Hopped on AirAsia we go. A day before dat I’ve send Hayyat a long wishlist of wat I’ve been craving for dengan alasan “it’s d baby”…

All my wishes granted and fulfilled.

We took the chance and went to my 1st pre-natal check up at SMC (we both agree to have the baby in KK, insya allah) and met Dr. K. He was my sis’s crazy and wonderfully witty O&G. I’m so relieved dat Hayyat and Princess Precious also tagged along since both of us were actually nervous and clueless.

Princess Precious aka Poopstar showing her 'I love nenen' tummy

During ultrasound, Dr.K was very amused with my belly button and turned to eddy “Do u have one also… somewhere private?” and laughed. Years of practising, I was his 1st patient with belly button! (And I gotta keep them unless I have to go to C-Section... hehe). The baby had it’s 1st picture taken for the rest of the family to see (note: vainess harus dipupuk dari dalam perut lagi).

Dat morning we actually went to Jabatan Agama Islam to get our sijil nikah and … it’s not ready yet, despite us being married for four months already. How predictable!

Monday nite, we went for a nice family dinner. I noticed Princess Precious can actually eat properly on her own eventho she’s just turned 2 years old. Suddenly I feel sad, where have I been all these while?

My sis told me she needs to go to the hospital to run some test coz she can’t see properly wit her right eye and probably have to stay in. She said it was nothing serious and the thing about morning sickness is u lost the ability to actually ‘feel’ wats goin on around u.

Dad sent her off the next morning, the day I’m supposed to go back. Later at home, dad said she’s ok, nothing to worry… we’ll drop by before u go off. And we continued to pack our things, despite having a queasy feeling inside.

When we arrived at the ward, I wasn’t prepared wat I was about to see. The thing is, it has been quite a while since I went to general hospital. Mind you, this is the 3rd class ward, kindda macam overcrowded asrama where beds were placed anywhere possible, even occupying the walking alley… making it almost impossible to move around. Now I can understand Anna’s frustration wit the System.

Brace myself. We continued to look for my sis’ bed and wen we arrived my heart collapsed.

She was curling like a baby and the doctor is extracting liquid from her spine.

I turned away and waterworks began flowing.

Then I said to eddy “I can’t go back, I need to be here”

When the doctor is done, I asked her was it painful and she chuckled and said “No laa… but he terpoke my nerves, dat part was painful… mcm kena karan. Mau pi airport sudah kan?”

And I couldn’t contained my emotion anymore. I hugged her and cried. Demmm... cannot even say a word. In between my tears I managed to ask “sapa mau jaga u here?” And my mom quickly reply “mama ada”. After my sis assured me dat she’s goin to be fine and will be out soon, we left for the airport. Still, I was really torned. I wanted to stay so bad, but knowing my condition making it harder to travel back alone.

My family is everything for me. They will always be there for me... at any points in my life. Thru thick and thin. Same goes wit my aunties, uncles and cousins too… we always have each other. Wen I got dengue fever in 2003, they got so worried and shipped me back to KK and take turns jaga me and kawan me sleep in the hospital since my parents were away performing Haj.

This is the horrible part being away from family. I missed their birthdays, I missed watching my nieces grow up, I missed cousins/ frens wedding, I missed giving last respect to my grandfather and uncles… I missed a lot of things.

And I don’t know for what exactly.

11 years away...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Not So Fun Fair

(Reposted from last week, dunno wat happened to d old one)

I should be resting…

After losing energy from the constant barfing, I should be sitting comfortably at home dengan aman damai dan bermanja-manja wit my fetus.

But I’ve been sleeping-deprived for the past 2 nites…

For two nites in a row, a couple blocks from my house there’s tis stupid concert ala-ala funfair yang ditaja oleh Carlb*rg. I don’t know if it’s actually a concert or pertandingan karaoke. But each singing session akan disusuli dengan selingan lagu Feng Tau yang sangat ecstasy/syabu-inducing. And the music also progress wit time… started wit some kind of opera cina song, then those familiar 70’s or 80’s Chinese songs (try picturing Alan Tham wit his metallic jumper and Anita Mui wit big shoulder pad) then lagu-lagu modern. And I assumed there were dance show as well coz tiba-tiba akan ada lagu Shakira ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ diikuti dengan sorakan gumbira para penonton.

Yes, it is DAT loud… and yes, I can already hafal the sequence of the song coz they played the same bloody playlist every nite!!!

You may ask why in the world I didn’t complaint to the authority already?

Why bother, the stage show is next to the freakin’ Balai Polis!

Picture tis:

“Helo balai polis, saya mau komplen pasal ada konsert haram dekat rumah saya”
“Halooooooooooooooooooo…. Apaaaaaaaaa? Boleh cakap kuat sikit aaa? Tak boleh dengar laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Tidakkah anda akan menjadi lebih sakit hati?

I’m telling you, I’m goin bonkers. Don’t know how many “shi shi nie men (thank you all!)” I can put up with…

Just as I about to shut my eyes… tiba-tiba ada lagi suara a chinese lady singing “aku tak biasaa… bila tiada kau di sisiku… aku tak biasa… aku tak biasaaaaaaaaaa”



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Affair I'm Having

My mom didn’t have it.

Neither Hayyat my sis.

Never heard about it from any of my hot-mamas frens also.

So I don’t have anyone to seek advice for remedy for VERY BAD CASE OF MORNING SICKNESS.

How bad?

Try puking 24/7. Until there’s nothing coming out anymore, but your whole internal organ still went into spasm and your trachea continue to gag… and u couldn't resist it but to start having affair wit Mr.Toilet Bowl.

So yesterday I decided to cheat and use the anti-morning sickness pill (maxolon) prescribed by the O&G. Apart of making me high, it’d worked perfectly and I can finally enjoy a proper meal.

Today, I decided to a brave mom-to-be and go without it…

Ahhaa… revenge time! I’ve been vomiting every hour since 7am. I kid u not. To the extend dat my PA had to go to Alamanda and buy me lil’ plastic so I don’t have to walk back and fort to the ladies…

Now I can just puke under the table… rest… and continue wit my work (hardly). Eventho mother nature may not want to kawan me anymore coz it's a non-biodegrable type, but plastic bag is my only solution rite now.

I’ve become a very efficient barfing machine.

I'll spare u from the gruesome details...

I tried to be strong but occasionally I do breakdown and cry... not really recommended coz u are already dehydrated as it is wit all those puking fiasco. I think it’s a psychology thang… u know, being anak manja, away from home… No one to fuss around.

I know tis kakak who constantly needs hospitalization and continue having Hyperemesis Gravidarium (the worst type of morning sickness) for the whole 9 months.

"and everyone keep telling me tis is only for 1st trimester?! Sheesh…"

Oh, the dad is excited, even got the names ready… like seriously. But I pity him, i know dat he's trying his best to help out and cheer me up... he even pujuk me and offer to buy the 'it' bag (dat is how excited he is). And I can't believe dat I'm saying tis but the idea of goin to shopping mall is soooooooo revolting. At tis point of time la... so hold dat offer, bie! Nda buleh tarik balik tu, nanti buruk siku...

As crazy as it may sound, I’m still hoping for a twin or triplet so dat I will not have to go thru tis again… ever.

Tho I feel like crying and running back to mama rite now, must try to embrace my pregnancy with pride and joy.

Yeah, tis is a very very unexpected suprise... a pleasant one. For God sake, I have not even posted my wedding pictures yet! And I still have my inai on.

Paris in October? tsk tsk tsk...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Day I Have Nothing Better To Do

Too lazy to update, but I always have time for a tag... and tis one looks like fun!

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player,MP3 player, your playlist, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.
6. You may continue on tagging others if you wish, and if you don't..you will not commit any sin or crime..so, be happy..This is just a game..

Question 1
If someone says: “Is this okay?”
You say: Your Body is A Wonderland – John Meyer (Awal2 lagi sudah ada unsur kinky-ness)

Question 2
How would you describe yourself?
Setitis Cahaya Di Aidilfitri – Aishah (Hehehe… kantoi baa simpan lagu raya)

Question 3
What do you like in a girl/guy?
End 0f The Road – Boyz 2 Men (Yeah... end of the road for me… I’m married)

Question 4
How do you feel today?
Doesn’t Really Matter – Janet Jackson ( Well said!)

Question 5
What's your life's purpose?
Always on Time - Ja Rule Fet. Ashanti (Yeah, time management, people! No more "I'm on the way" padahal baru turun dari katil... C'mon, we are all guilty, admit it!)

Question 6
What do your friends think about you?
Dia - Sheila Majid (I'm just another 'dia', plain ol' me)

Question 7
What do you think about your parents?
Imagine – John Lennon (Can’t imagine life without them… pointless)

Question 8
What do you think about very often?
Lovefool – The Cardigans (world is just full of ‘em, can’t help it)

Question 9
What do you think about your best friend?'
More Than Words - The Extreme (Yup… more than words can say, and they talk a lot also… so CHAOTIC! Love u all)

Question 10
What song would you want them to play at your funeral?
Saving All My Love For You – Whitney (Awww… u guys, really?)

Question 11
What's your biggest fear?
The Funk Phenomena - Armand Van Helden (I don't even know wat is the funk phenomena, but tis song is so femes zaman-zaman jahiliah dolu-dolu, kan Ayoi?)

Question 12
What would you post this entry as?
Theme Song Doraemon – I don’t know by who (Hey, tis is one of my happy song, I also have lagu Gaban “wakakau wakakau”)

Saya amat berpuas hati dengan jawapan saya... probably my playlist pun kindda bored also.

Hence, I tag... Everyone!

ps: Kar, aku mau itu lagu Sabah Tanah Airku...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Doctor Who Tagged Me...

“The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.Each player answers the questions about themselves.At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged.Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.”

Question 1: What were you doing 5 years ago?
July 2003 kan? Probably solo camping somewhere in the heart of Lumut jungle for OBS

Eh, belum start DPA lagi ka yoi? Hehehehe... then I was still a pegawai khas prolly busy running here and there keeping up wit Tan Sri KSU's (previously Dato' je) work schedule, buying him lunch and coordinating his wardrobe selection "euwww dato'... sure u gonna wear DAT necktie? So tak ngam laa" (sapa yang berani cakap with KSU sekarang mcm tu angkat tangan, silap2 kena transfer order 24 hrs) . Nothing intellectual, more like 'penyeri' tingkat 33 Dayabumi.

Question 2: What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1. Pee
2. Look in the mirror more than usual (and hail my own beauty-ness)
3. Blog wh*ring
4. Speech for Minister’s program next Tue before dia menjadi naga
5. Call up my tailor for baju raya

Question 3: What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. Asam
2. Gula-gula susu cap rabbit
3. Murtabak jawa (only sabahan can relate to tis...)
4. Honey ciken wings (tis too)
5. My husband nyeyeyeyeye…..

Question 4: What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Give to my parent and my sis
2. Buy a house for my parent in Mekah so they can go there anytime sesuka hati.
3. In dat case we need a private jet also
4. Buy a fashion house
5. Open tadika (complete with circus and zoo innit)

Question 5: What are 5 jobs you've had?

1. Trophy girl
2. Office geisha
3. Tukang masak
4. Door mat
5. Same with anna, never work my entire life before tis… dad can still afford me.

I tag everybody reading tis...

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Paranoid Morning

5 road blocks... like seriously, people?!

Ok, I already know dat traffic is gonna b b*tchy today but 5 road blocks?!!!

Goin on duty today at parliament is like entering into a war zone. There were like trucks and trucks of policeman everywhere, armed with machine guns and berwajah kelat. I had to repeat the same script ¨saya pegawai bertugas, tuan¨ again and again at every block point like some drunken parrot, smiling all d way and hoping my charm will work...

I´m pissed...

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Self-Inflicted 'Pengaruh Rakan Sebaya'

Beware: This is a pointless entry
Tetapi sebelum itu, mari kita makan ini dulu.....

Nyammmmm.... orgasmic!

I've been working on saturday for almost a month now [vs. being on a supposedly 5-days a week job] and my brain is not resting properly, so bear wit me...

I got meeting everyday, too much for me to handle. My brain retaliated and refused to stay focus for more than 1 hour and would jst shut down and zoned out to happy happy land... hence I already got tis year's baju raya planned and i.d for my dream house, not to mentioned doodles yg pelbagai bentuk.

Did I also mentioned that I gotta step in as substitute PR officer for my Ministry and assist press conference, publicity, vet through advertorial, take my bosses to TV stations for HPM etc etc etc?

Me at Wanita Hari Ini's set

Poor hubby is concerned... I've been tired, not eating properly and emotionally unstable. So to cheer me up, last Mon saya telah dibelanja nasi ayam chee meng (food always cheer me) where the kerabu manggo adalah to die for. Of coz, setelah makan nasi ayam haruslah singgah ke Low Yat 'coz guys just automatically bcome a freak wen it comes to gadgets... Dan lepas singgah, haruslah membeli something... we never survive going out of Low Yat without buying anything.

I know Puan Kar and Puan Noi got one... and yours truly can understand why . Tis thing is so small (slightly bigger than half A4 ), ringan and fits perfectly in handbag! Never been enthusiastic abt IT stuff, tis time I just have to have it... Luckily, chabie was very supportive and setelah meround the whole Low Yat but still couldn't find the pink one, I succumb and settled with the white color (itupun after dipujuk "kedai mau tutup sudah nie baa!"). And with the magic of his wallet, I am a proud owner and a new member of 'eee PC Sorority Club'... hehehe

couldn't find other pic, just take dat she's sipping ribena

Tho having only 4 gig and LINUX operated... I heart heart heart my new toy. LV can wait...

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Fact Received With Jaw Drop

I just discovered something really perplexing and somewat disturbing....

The issue: I am not eligible to buy land or a house which bearing the title ‘tanah rizab melayu’ coz apparently I’m not a Malay.

(I mean WTF la kan?!!!)

The reason: In my surat beranak it is stated that I’m a Melayu-Brunei, hence being categorized as bumiputera Sabah and not Melayu per se.

My source: An ex colleague who happen to be an ex assistant district officer handling land matters. So I assumed it’s valid and realiable.

My question: “If tats the case… the only Melayu who can actually buy property di tanah rizab melayu are those orang asli atau Melayu Proto coz other Malays are actually Melayu-Jawa or Melayu-Bugis or Melayu – mamak or Melayu- Patanni etc etc etc?”

then WTF is the difference?

Eventho I have no plans to buy a property under dat title, nevertheless I couldn’t help it but to feel discriminated…

Last week, someone was saying to my face “Apa la you all Sabahan nie demand lebih-lebih, mengada-ngada… If you are so not happy, why don’t you all keluar dari Malaysia je?”

Am I obliged to answer that pointless remark?


I pity dat pakcik’s ignorance… tsk tsk tsk

I have just open another wedding present from my dahling brother Stien V.L... Love the wrapping eventho he need not to coz I know wats innit (i bug him to buy me cake mixer but forgot to specify the brand). Wedding prezzies still coming in... alhamdulillah, bless you all.
(Tell me, anyone know where I can gadai a crytal vase which worth a return ticket to EU? I am not 'cultured' enuff to appreciate these things).

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Time When Less is Not More

Hari ini saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda semua satu petua memasak yang paling penting dan harus diketahui oleh semua para pemasak-pemasak sekalian.

Sudah bersedia dengan pen dan kertas (atau button copy and paste)?

Petuanya ialah.....

Sila berpakaian lengkap semasa memasak jikalau tidak mahu menjadi cacat seperti ini...


Lokasi kejadian adalah dirahsiakan. Don't ask wat was I wearing (or not wearing :p) at dat time.... suffice to say now certain wardrobe adalah dilarang penggunaan til d burn mark heals... Chabie said it's ok, dapat pahala tu masak breakfast for husband eventho tiada kata-kata yang boleh menyedapkan hati wen u are holding back tears sambil menyapu Burnol di lokasi kejadian. Dan inilah penyebabnya...

Nasi lemak sambal ikan bilis. And please ignore the idiotic finger...

I'm gonna be very extremely busy after tis melakar sejarah baru bagi Malaysia dat even Parameswara will be so envious...

Expect hiatus...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Part Where I Refuse to Be Blamed

Seriously people, I have NOTHING to do with it.

I got the news late afternoon, and from my sources it was goin to be higher (float=harga sebenar) than wat Pak Lah had announced later. Thank god for that…

I stumbled upon Dato' at the car park rushing to the press conference for the big announcement and wen I asked if its goin to be 'The Day', he just smiled and I give him a thumbs up and said "well, gud luck Dato"...

The 'thumbs up' is not on congratulatory-mode at all, nor for sarcasm too…

Just an honest good luck.

My heart goes to the low income group and kampong folks. Wat ever economic corridor you introduce ka or explaining world oil crisis blab la bla is irrelevant to them, wats important is whether they have enough money to buy food or enough money to buy petrol to go work or enough money to buy buku teks anak…

Well peeps, tho not much but maybe this might help:

  • Car pool to office, balik kampung and shopping trip

  • Start cooking at home and eat out less (jimat the minyak on traveling)

  • Anticipate the price of food, household items etc etc will increase… so start saving

  • Start education fund for your kids or if you have plan to have kids. It is estimated that a child’s education from tadika to University in the future can reach 400k!

  • Buy small car (hehehe…) or get a bike

  • Change to NGV, the cost to change your tank will be around 2-3k… but it’s a gud investment memandangkan the price of petrol will not (ever?) go down

  • Don’t speed, dat will drain ur tank faster and it kills

  • Buy property now! We are liberalizing market i.e harga bahan binaan will be volatile

  • Buy environmental-friendly product, reduce pollution and recycle

Maybe I should start a blog dedicated to consumerism, wat say u?

I’m so depress… I need a new shoe

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Day I Don't Mind Lining Up in Stilettos

Eloo Tangachi... bila mau mari Malaysia? Sudah lama tunggu la deyyy...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Day My Mascara Gone Before Reaching Office

My heart sank tis morning listening to the Fly.fm while driving to office...
You see.. to those who don't know, Fly.fm got tis program 'Fix It' where people call the radio to share their problem and Phat Fab and Ruben (the DJ) will try to fix it... all kind of problems.. gaduh wit housemate laa, masalah gemuk laa, kena marah boss la... u get the picture.
But today is different. A mother called up and her problem is her daughter, Lina. U see, Lina is 9 year old and just lost her father 3 months ago. Eversince, she's been very upset and always angry with her mom.
The mom didn't know that dat all this while, Lina and her father always go out spent time together like go to the park and drink teh tarik and stuff. The father was her was bestest friend. How the mother didn't realized this is somewat puzzling me, must be one very 'busy' woman. Anyway, the father made many promises to Lina like bringing the family pegi holiday laa etc etc. And then the father died of heart attack recently at the age of 42.
Since then Lina is constantly acting up at home, especially towards the little sis and mom. Mom couldn't handle the situation and the stress level, so the family went to a psychiatric . Still, Lina is angry. She must be desperate to share her problem over the national radio, but I don't mind listening to tis one coz it's so touching....
Lina have a very cute voice, but very articulate for a 9 year old.
Wen Ruben (the DJ) asked why she's upset with mummy, she said mummy is so busy wit work and she always get scolded by her even if it was her lil' sister yang buat salah. And she told him "I have so many frens at school but in my heart I have none". Tis is where i started crying...
She would love it if mummy can bring her to USA for the school holiday.
Then the mother, listening to the whole conversation at the other side interject...
"But how can we afford to go to US, sayang?"

"But abah promise?"

"Yeah, but things are different now, u know dat rite?"

The rest of the conversation become blurr coz I was busy crying and reaching for the tissue.
We know dat now the family having only single income, it's harder (maybe) impossible to fulfill those promises made by the father.
But, how can you make a 9 year old understand that?

I countinued crying until I reached the office.

Itu laa... my mom said jangan ketawa banyak sangat, nanti nangis...

True enuff, I've been having too much fun (and laughter) this week. U see, my chabie is away on 1 week course so to avoid feeling lonely and emotional I filled my days goin out and shopping. Yesterday itself, while someone was supposed to be on-duty at Parliament and the other one supposed to be in a meeting... they went mall hopping instead rushing for Coach sales!
Pavillion->The Garden->KLCC

Waiting in line in anticipation...

Muka mereka-mereka yang excited!

Muka bahagia....

And on a happy note, I give birth to these lil' babies....

Grow my baby, grow!

I'm taking my veggiemania into another level by planting my own... A bit disorganize tho cos now I dunno which one is tomato, sawi, or cili... main baling ja.

Happy weekends everyone!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Beginning of Everything...

Isn't it beautiful?
Sorry people for the entry 'tergantung', I wanted to write something but I have to rush back. Anyway, the character is actually 'bismillahirahmanirrahim'.
I got it from Yasmin Ahmad's blog. I met her once at Topshop One-Utama... she asked me in cantonese whether I was waiting in line to pay. Tho I looked like cina bukit but I speak very little of the language (better than mandarin and I'm also buta huruf ok!) but I managed to reply yes to her. Then she continue yapping in cantonese and I have to stop her and said "I don't really speak cantonese". She was kindda shocked and said "sorry, you are not chinese?"
I replied "no, I'm Malaysian" and we both laughed.
I'm not really her die hard fan (I still don't understand Gubra), but her muvi is unique compared to those cerita berunsurkan rempit (bikes and car alike) or guling-guling ala bollywood macam Anak Mami or cerita hantu which looked like perca kain. So kudos to her...
And NO, I'm not pregnant!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Oink Oink Issue

I tried to blog straight from the lobby of Parliament while on duty lastnite. But the WiFi there is so not friendly, kejap-kejap ilang... mcm MP juga.

We received a forwarded e-mail yesterday about kemusykilan dat Nandos is using 'pure bristle' as the brush in their food preparation. According to the e-mail, pure bristle is made from bulu hog laa, so i checked on www for further clarification... hopefully yang menyedapkan hati coz i'm in denial dat one of my fav food is 'contaminated'. However, I found nothing explaining the difference between bristle, pure bristle or natural bristle...

My sis also questioning my BeneFit Dandelion blusher brush coz it's white and oh-so-soft (btw yang, if you are reading this adalah sangat tidak adil to show off your brand new Tod's bag to me... binci! I'm getting my Chloe Paddington.. don't care, huh!). Cemas ok, but I did my checking and its actually made from goat's hair (fur?). Phewwww...

So if you guys have some info on how to differenciate these thingie... pls pls pls share with me so I can share with the concerned muslim consumer. All I know is pigskin or brush from hog's fur are the softest and comfort-est in the world... hehehe!
This remind me of an sms from a gud fren the other day:
“Jie, ko mau ka brand new blvgari bag husband aku beli dari NY? Dia nda perasan baa bag tu pigskin lining. Alaa... knowing u, I’m sure you don’t mind”

Hahahaha... Maybe it appeared like I don't mind, but I do actually. Cannot imagine berguling-guling atas tanah menyamak seluruh badan after setiap pemakaian.

Mental note: Must check my wardrobe for the three dots, just in case...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Surirumah Separuh Masa Part II

This is how I enjoyed my weekend bersama suami terchenta... before scouting for houses again (updates: we saw a few and decided we want a property with good investment value so we can sell if off and get profit)

And I dedicate tis recipe to Wewen coz these are the food we love to order whenever we have the chance in between shopping maddness... miss our main try2 baju session :(

The Recipe

1. Udang Goreng Kunyit
2. Kerabu Mangga
3. Kangkung Belacan (well... sort of)

Udang Goreng Kunyit (Cooking time: 10 mins)


  • Udang (we got the freshest udang, courtesy from hasben hobby) - belah belakang to remove the poop
  • Rempah kunyit
  • Curry powder
  • Garlic
  • Corn flour
  • Salt


  1. Marinate the udang with all the ingredient (put tepung last), wait 10 mins then goreng

Senang kan?

Kerabu Mangga (oh-so-senang)


  • Mangga muda
  • Cili padi
  • Bawang merah (big)
  • Limau
  • Bunga kantan (refer to the pic if u don't know how it looks like)
  • Sotong kering/ udang kering (whichever u prefer)
  • Garam and gula


  1. Cincang mangga ala kung fu fighther
  2. Goreng the sotong/ udang kering and put aside
  3. Hiris bawang, cili, bunga kantan
  4. Campur semua (save a lil bit of the Sotong/ udang), perah limau, put garam and gula. Use the extra sotong/ udang for garnishing.


Kangkung Belacan Chinese-style (Cooking time: 4 mins)


  • Kangkung la of course

  • Bawang merah and bawang putih
  • Cili merah
  • Belacan (optional, I go without kerana hasbenku ada Sinus)
  • Kicap cair
  • Minyak Bijan
  • Garam


  1. Tumbuk bawang together with cili and belacan (if any), tumis sampai garing then masuk kangkung, kicap garam and few drops of minyak bijan. Siap!

(if u like the kangkung to be glossy like those in restaurant, they put a bit gula in the oil before u tumis the bawangs)

All recipe are from Mummy dearest, she's my best 'recipe book'. Mom taught us how to cook since sekolah rendah and paksa us belajar menjahit... "at least mesti pandai jahit hemline and jahit butang". These are good strategy to increase the hantaran money hahahaha....

Seriously, where would I be without my mama?

Whenever I'm in trouble or feeling down, she would call... all the time! Dats the miracle we called mother's instinct... no matter how big is the South China Sea.

Hearing her voice heals the pain...

If I could only be the half of she is...

Mama, Jiejie love u!


Friday, May 9, 2008

The Next Big Step

It’s day 7 of the house-hunting spree…

Feeling exhausted and excited.

I’m kindda reluctant to leave my current apartment, its so convenient since its practically berjiran with Giant Bandar Puteri, opposite the highway got huge Tesco (remember my groceries shopping addiction… belum sober lagi), my beautician and spa is 5 mins away, so as my jinjangjane hairdresser, semua jenis bank ada, semua jenis fastfood, I got membership at practically all d clinics in the area... u get my point.

But we have to move… when we merged our things, my lil' apartment can’t seem to accommodate everything (who need 3 golf sets, God knows!).

Hence, it has been decided… we need a bigger place.

Our so-called dream house would cost us RM1.9m. We just sit in the car and stare at the house wit awe… almost drooling.


The second ‘dream house’ cost around 800k… but the finishing is to die for. Example, the washroom basin is like those posh baliness design and d rooms are so spacious! It's definitely off our budget, our combine loan only entitles us a maximum of 720k house… plus we not planning to invest into something dat expensive yet...

So scrap dat option also...

Demmit laa... who knew shopping can be tis hard?

Then… we found the house dat could be the one and it is still on the budget, a brand new unit with all these features:

  • Gated community ready (with perimeter fencing and guard house) and 24-hour security

  • Security alarm system

  • Motion detector light

  • Automated gate

  • Water filtration system providing clear water for the entire house

  • Long bath for master bathroom

  • Vanity top for master bathroom


  • A small Pergola at patio garden area (Me wuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv)

Somethg like tis… but smaller (I heart heart heart…)

But unfortunately I read some bad review about the house from the forum on the net. Plus, Eddy said it’s kindda small….

I guess we gonna have to keep looking :(

Today I came to the office with a twisted (terpeleot) ankle akibat berjalan2 sesuka hati di construction site to check another show house. I know my hasben trying his best not to laugh, which made me more sakit hati...

“I tell u bie, if u laugh I sure gonna cry and make a scene...”

Ok laa… back to my lil’ cosy apartment… Tonite I'm cooking new recipe.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Surirumah Separuh Masa...

I will blog about my most-expensive-Birthday-Bash-ever one of these days... still waiting for my pixies from the beloved photographer.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to become isteri mithali and cook daily for my hubby in an attempt to increase his weight and mencapai berat badan unggul (actually i'm jeles wit his supermodel body so i'm sabotaging him). The recipe is ayam masak kurma and of course my fav veggie dish bak choy wit mushroom.

Baiklah puan-puan, sudahkan anda bersedia dengan pen dan kertas? Berikut adalah bahan-bahannya...

Ayam Kurma (cooking time: 20 min)


  • Ayam bogel (skinless)

  • Rempah kurma (make it into paste i'e add lil water to avoid hangus)

  • Bunga lawang and kayu manis

  • Bawang putih and bawang merah (semua kenal kan? x payah la letak gambar)

  • Santan (reduced - a cup will do)

  • Ginger
  • Potatoe
  • Cili hijau
  • Big yellow onion

  • Garam, gula and ajinamoto (optional)
Sorry la I don't provide the exact matrix punya measurement (kilo, gram tablespoon etc), all based on 'secukup rasa instinct' aka main hentam ja la...


  1. Potong ayam kecil2... since only 2 of us a whole thigh is enuf
  2. Tumbuk bawang putih n merah (tips: masakan is more yummy when u tumbuh/ giling d bahan2 vs. blender coz the 'bruising' brings up d flavor)
  3. Then tumis d bawangs, add the rempah paste and bunga lawang+kayu manis and ginger

  4. Add some water, garam, gula and ajinomoto (optional)

  5. Wait till boiling then add d santan (its so convenient to use the kotak one, but its a bit sweet... my case i have to use the real santan coz yg dalam kotak sudah abis lorr. To those yang konon2 health conscious, gunakan la susu rendah lemak.. tp d taste agar emm.. tidak sinfully sedap)

  6. Boil.. boil.. boil (don't get distracted wit TV like i did)

  7. Lastly add potatoe, onion and cili hijau

Tadaa..... (gamba adalah blur... sorry!)

Second recipe..

Bak Choy wit Straw Mushroom (cooking time: 2 min)


  • Organic Bak Choy
  • Straw Mushroom
  • Garlic
  • Oyster sauce
  • Lil bit salt
  • Cili padi (coz i married a N9 boy!)


Fry garlic, add mushroom, oyster sauce, stir stir stir..... add bak choy, salt to taste and cili... DONE!!!!

Gosh... I can eat tis dish hari2 beb...

Sekian sahaja recipe saya pada hari ini... semoga kita berjumpa lagi di minggu hadapan