Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Worried Big Ol' Me

A tele-conversation right after my weekly check up wit crazy Dr. Krishen:

Me: The baby is not engage yet...

Hubby: Yaa laa... If I were the baby, I also don't wanna come out yet... your tummy so comfy, banyak lemak

Me: Pffffff……

At 38 weeks, I'm getting really agitated. I'm sleeping deprived, got bronchitis, still having water retention problem, inconsistent Hicks contraction, walking like a penguin now and most of all… I miss my husband. Dats the most emotionally-wrecking part…

No, I did not get the early maternity leave. I’m still working and doing 2 research papers on area I know nothing about, but based in KK. Ok laa, I’ll take it… as long as we can stick to our plan and have the baby here… I’ll take it! Probably the management finally understood how adamant we were with our birth plan when they called me up for a ‘council meeting’ to decide if my leave can be approved or not. They must be so surprise that tis doormat refused to back off. If u know me well, ianya adalah jarang2 berlaku

I just hate it when people question your personal choice as if they have the right to dictate your life. Wat should u reply wen they asked “Why u susah2 nak deliver your baby there, here got better hospital wat?”

I just smiled.

Case closed. I’m here, back together with my family… minus my husband. I know the baby is missing the dad’s voice. Mummy misses him too. I just hope dat he’ll sempat get his ass here during the labour coz drama is expected.

Bye bye bunnies… u guys take care!

Ps: Congratulation to Karmilla Amirkhan and Zain for bebe Aysha! The cutest bebe ever… How I wish I got half her strength, pierce belly button pon mo nangis kan Kar, apa lagi labour pain!!!!