Monday, January 11, 2010


This picture is to remind me of my lowest point in my life... sigh, 2009 wasn't my year
Tis pic was taken during my 2nd operation, exactly 1 month after I had Ryyan. I don't wanna really blog abt d details coz it will open up d old wound. It is smthg dat I wanted to bury far far away at d bck of my mind.
Tis is d pic to remind me how I laid on d operation table starring at the lights n thinking wat will happen 2 my newborn baby if smthg goes wrong. Tis pic is to remind me all d test they did on me jst to figure out wat went wrong; x-ray, blood test, urine test, ultra sound, endoscopic, CT scan. Tis pic is to remind me how I celebrated my 30th bday wit catheter n urine bag still attached to me n I barely cld walk or stand properly. Tis pic reminded me how i cried every day and made my family cried too coz they couldn't stand seeing me almost losing it.
Why didn't I take legal action to d hospital and d doctor still remains a mystery. Somehow God gave me d highest feeling of redha dat I can ever imagine. I don't even feel angry at d doctor coz I'm sure it was never his intention 4 it 2 happen. U may think it is so stupid of me. Bt being forgiving heals u faster.
Y I still keep tis one piece of picture? Because it also reminded me dat no matter wat, family will always be there for u
and now, I have Ryyan
Therefore, I am blessed.