Wednesday, March 31, 2010


3 must have been his favourite number. The 1st hint he gave me dat he is eager 2 see d world was at 3am. And he's born on the 3rd of March at 10.30am.

Now, after one year, I found the answer of living.... Him.

For Neyong, Ngian, Mama Hayyat, Mamit, Abua, Hasya, Nana, and BabyLa:

Ryyan now:

  • can say few words like bird, ball, mama, eddy, nenek, duck, mamam and No no no! (Sambil geleng kepala), there and pointing at somethg.... Others r just baby mumbling dat i will anwers "oh really?"

  • He got 2 teeth below n and 2 di atas n will curi2 bite u wen u suap him food just for d sake of it.

  • He loves music, pantang dgr music n he will move his body like ulat bulu or mr bean. He can sing old macdonald n Happy song

  • He will turn away fr me if he's gonna do smthg dat he knw wld make me angry... Konon2 so dat I x see... Like putting dirty stuff into his mouth

  • He's mastering his walking skill n controlling his momentum

  • Can follow simple instruction such as asking him 2 sayang/ kiss u, "come" as in follow u, "take", "yeep" (he'll lay down n pretend 2 sleep), he'll salam siap wit cium tangan lg, giving hi five, "open", "stand up", 'sit", "hands up" and "give"

  • He will put up his hand wen i say "ryyan pls baca doa"

  • He'll point to his nose wen u ask "where's nose?". Not really successful wit ear tho

  • Don't even try 2 say No or Don't and he'll do d exact opposite sambil smiling and looking at u, jst 2 temp u.... Cheeky, dats my boy!

Kesimpulannya, at this stage he's my own spongebob coz he can and will absorb anythg i teach him to do

Honestly, I never read those baby milestone stuff. I believe those thgs r 1 of d caused parents getting crazy n psychoed... Not dat I wanna b ignorant n x care abt my baby's development, but I wish to let them grow at their own pace la for god's sake.

Happy One year, Ryyan Esqandarsyah. May Allah bless you and protect you throughout your journey in life.

For all the wrong things I've done in my life, I've must have done something right to deserve u.

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~kar~ said...

Congrats Ryyan and mummy for a job well done! Aysha is still a bit behind but is trying to stand and run rather than stand and walk! *pengsan*